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Black Bean and Corn Quesadilla

Easy, quick and hearty. Great for an afternoon snack or lunch. Add a protein of choice and make it a meal.

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Equipment List

  • Skillet
  • Collander
  • Large bowl


  • oil
    - canola, avocado or olive oil
  • flour tortilla
    - 8 inches - 10 count
  • 2 c Mexican Cheddar Jack
    - shredded
  • 1 can black beans
    - rinse and drain
  • 1 can corn
    - 8.75 oz can. Drain corn.
  • 1\4 c cilantro
    - minced fresh cilantro
  • lime juice
    - lime juice squeezed from half a lime
  • salt
    - to taste
  • pepper
    - to taste
  • 1 tsp Carne Asada Seasoning
    - you can substitute taco seasoning
  • Garnish
    • sour cream
      - optional - to taste
    • salsa
      - optional
    • Guacamole
      - optional - avacado will work too
  • Bean and Corn mixture

Preparation Instructions

  • Rinse and drain black beans.
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  • Drain canned corn.
  • In a large bowl mix, combine bean & cheese mixture - cheese, black beans, corn, cilantro, lime juice, salt, pepper and carne asada seasoning. Set aside.

Cooking Instructions

  • Preheat to 228°F
  • Add oil to pan
  • Add flour tortilla to pan
  • Note: Add bean and corn mixture to half of tortilla. About 2-3 spoon fulls.
  • Note: Fold tortilla over
  • Flip ingredients
  • Note: Remove from heat

Finishing Instructions

  • Cut quesadilla in half.
  • Serve with sour cream, salsa and guacamole.


  • Reviewer Profile Photo

    Courtney Thompson

    Love this one because they are so easy to whip up once you have the bean mixture!